Rates & Terms

SectorMark Marketing Consultants FZLLC offer flexible and competitive rates to suit your business requirements. We are a purpose built team that comes together to tailor a solution for your needs. Our efficiencies allow us to be affordable against budgets that demand value for money.

Free Consultation

  • We provide a one hour free consultation to understand your requirements. Our rates are variable depending on the assignment and its complexity. Detailed cost breakdowns are presented to you in the final project proposal.

Hourly or Daily Rate

  • Our rates will vary according to the type of work you need. This is ideal for the unstructured or ad hoc project that arises, or general advice

Project Basis

  • Once we have understood your requirements, a proposal will be prepared with a budget. This is particularly appropriate for a defined project with specific outcomes to be achieved over


  • For a longer term or on-going support, this is a cost effective way of getting the experience and resource you need for your company without having to employ a full time person. We could be the marketing and communications department you don’t have, the negotiator you need for key accounts or reviews, or the mentor to your team.
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