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7/8/2012 | views:740

Having done our market research, we found that businesses discounted seeking professional marketing and PR help for one of three reasons...


1) They wrongly assumed they could do 'Marketing' themselves.

2) They thought that there would be high costs involved.

3) They had had their fingers burnt in the past by employing an 'agency' when they only really wanted advice in one key area of marketing.

We aim is to change any negative psyche about marketing consultants by providing a high quality, professional, added value service covering all our customers' marketing and PR requirements. We can take care of all your marketing activities or we can simply help out in the areas where you need most assistance. 

Here, we try to stay clear of using buzz words to try and impress you but have jotted down a few of the initiatives we use to make your marketing more effective:

Effective PR Campaigns 
Pre & Post Press Releases 
Strong Media Relation 
Blog, Story Pitch & Reviews 
Media Monitoring & Clipping 
Social Media Strategy and Campaigns 
Search Engine Optimization 
E-newsletters & Campaigns 
Corporate Videos 
Online Advertising 
Website Development 
Brand Identity & Concept Development 
Media Planning & Booking 
Graphic Design 
Corporate Giveaways  
Professional Photography 
Marketing Audit 
Marketing, Communications and PR Recruitment 
Workshop and Training 

We appreciate the competition in our sector is fierce and whether you are a business seeking marketing help and advice or looking to outsource the whole of your marketing, our team is vastly experienced, totally professional, helpful, friendly, enthusiastic and exceptional at marketing. 

Our clients generally fall into one of two groups -

1. The small to medium business whose marketing is likely to be identified and then driven by the business owner. 

2. Organizations that do not have an in house marketing department and need specialist help and advice on certain areas of marketing.  

We have a number of simple ways of charging for our services - an hourly rate, a daily rate or via a project fee. For some smaller businesses, we can split our costs to make them more digestible by offering the option of spreading payment  by standing order. We also run regular marketing "Special Offers" to help you. 


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