• Want more guests for you hotel?

    Then take it serious and read this... Newsletter issue one includes: * B2B and B2C marketers approach social marketing in UAE * Public Relations for your Hotel in the Emirates * Top 5 Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing your Hotel

  • Correct us If we are wrong

    Having done our market research, we found that businesses discounted seeking professional marketing and PR help for one of three reasons...

  • Want to know a few tips to increase your followers on Twitter?

    Here are some highly effective ways to drive up your followers. We are starting to work on it’s as a business …….we researched this and happy to share the same to you ……

  • I see billboard every where in Dubai, but does it make you want to buy ..?

    Billboards can be an extremely effective method to advertise your business, or any message that you want to get out to the general public. The fact that the use of billboard advertising is exploding on the UAE landscape is a testament to both its cost effectiveness and the results it achieves.

  • Hot Social Media Tools Worth Exploring

    With the emergence of social media, the nature of human communication is changing as people are finding new ways to build social capital. During the past few years, social networking platforms like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter have attracted millions of users, many of whom visit these sites on a regular basis.

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